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Horse betting is one of the most interesting types of gambling, which invariably attracts numerous betting fans with a large assortment of possible outcomes. The history of horse racing has been going on for several hundred years. In 1789, they were officially recognized as a professional sport.Nowadays we can bet on horses without leaving home thanks to online horse racing.

Previously, it was possible to bet on the winner of the race only by attending the race in person at the racetrack. Now, thanks to the development of technology, fans of equestrian sports have the opportunity to follow the most prestigious competitions without leaving home, to place bets on horse racing betting sites in different regions of the globe.

How to do rational horse betting?

In order not just to bet on horse racing, but also to win at a distance, you need to do the following:

Very carefully read the rules, types, participants and other features of the races. You need to reach a level where you will know at least approximately who has the best chance before the start of the race. If you have ever engaged in betting on football and understand this sport, then before the start of the match you understand which team is stronger. You need the same thing in horse racing. The two links above and at least a minimal knowledge of English will help you with this.

When you have the knowledge, learn how to conduct a qualitative analysis of betting on horse racing. You need to look at what form the selected participant is in, what he achieved before, what has changed now.

Select horse racing betting sites. Remember that you need to pay attention to those that specialize in horse racing or at least give a broad line on them.  You may decide that it is better to have accounts in different horse racing betting sites in order to bet on horse racing at the best odds.

Keep records. The simplest and most effective option is an Excel spreadsheet showing all the bids. For example, you can record the date, amount, coefficient, events and other details that you deem necessary. In the future, you will be able to analyze your progress and change what prevents you from earning.

Betting on horses is exciting and dynamic .Odds on winners, even clear favorites, are rarely lower than 2.0. Quotes are set a few days before the start of horse racing, when a list of participants is formed. These are the so-called "early prices". The coefficients before the start of the race are referred to as the "starting price" (English abbreviation SP). The values of these two types of quotes can vary greatly depending on the news about the condition of the horse/the jockey and the movement of the money supply.

On horse racing betting sites, bettors can bet on the following outcomes:

  • The winner of the race. The simplest type of bet in which it is necessary to predict which of the participants will come to the finish line before the others. Some bookmakers offer to bet on the winner with insurance. If the horse is not the first, but takes a place in the top three, the BC will return the bet amount to the player. At the same time, the coefficient of victory will be much lower.
  • Place from first to third. For such a bet to play, the horse must finish in the top three.
  • Who is higher? Bets on comparing two horses. Bettors must predict which of the pair of participants will be higher at the finish.
  • The exact place in the race. You can bet on the winner of the race, the second, third place and even the horse that will be the last.

Horse racing betting: main features

Remember the following nuances before betting on a horse:

The results of races are influenced by many factors: weather, coverage, experience and weight of the horse and jockey, the height of barriers, and so on.

Online horse racing allows you to find out all the information before you start racing.Before betting, evaluate the current shape of the horse. Horse racing betting sites offer detailed statistics on all participants of upcoming races.

Types of betting on horse racing

The main options for betting on horse racing:

  • The bet is on the winner of the race or the reverse of it — that the horse will definitely not come to the finish line first.
  • A bet on getting a horse into the top three winners. You can also bet on a place in the top 4, top 6 and so on.
  • "Forecast" is a bet on two horses that should come to the finish line first and second. Such a bet can be a random sequence or an accurate prediction for the first and second prize-winners in the race.
  • "Duel" or "who is higher" — the choice of which of the two horses will finish earlier.
  • "Finish" is a bet that the horse will go the entire distance without going down.

Online horse racing is a popular and promising direction in betting. A large number of competitions and types of bets allow you to find your niche and not be sprayed on betting on other sports. Online horse racing is an excellent simulator for experienced players in terms of training their understanding of the value bet concept. If you are a novice player, betting on horse racing will bring you a storm of emotions. Choose reliable horse racing betting sites, read the important information and get your money.